This is Smartcare.

We build the world's best management software and provide services exclusively for our group of independent hearing centers.

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Gain control of your marketing dollars

We teach a simple method to marketing profitably.

A person who has NOT expressed interest in their loss is a prospect.

Yeah, I'm running my own business, but for the first time in 15 years I get to enjoy it.

Dave Harris, TruTone Hearing Center

A modern, all-in-one hearing healthcare platform

Our platform eliminates paperwork, streamlines your workflow, elevates the patient experience and automates 100% of the marketing method.

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This would replace your old Sycle, Blueprint, TIMS, HearForm, spreadsheet or all paper system.

Smartcare has allowed me to track the success of my hearing practice on a daily basis, know the status of all my patients, and track how successful my marketing campaigns have been like never before.

Russ Broadhead, Heroes of Hearing, Tucson, AZ

The full story on your marketing spend

Insight that allows you to transform your marketing budget from a slot machine to an investment strategy. We provide insight you can't find anywhere else.

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ROMI Win Rate graph
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For the first time since I started, I'm actually extremely optimistic and confident in what's going on with my business.

Don Doucet, Modern Hearing Solutions of Wyoming

Dedicated insurance specialists, just for you

We take insurance off your hands - allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Mindi ShortMindi Short
Miranda RuuthMiranda Ruuth
Mary Ann JonesMary Ann Jones

This insurance team at Smartcare is AMAZING! 🎉🙌👏👌👊👍💜🎉

Robyn Lofton, Hearing Associates of Las Vegas


You're the boss. The drill sergeant. The maestro. Your Smartcare Analyst understands how profitable hearing centers operate and will become a trusted friend.

Dallin HoltDallin Holt

Smartcare is more than just software. From insurance billing to analytics, it has made it possible for me to do things that would otherwise be impossible for a practice of my size.

John Wilson, Blue Ribbon Hearing

Independently, Together

You're not alone. Let's use our collective intelligence to move into the future, together.